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Library Spaces and Services


Here all relevant information about the library’s events, activities, exhibitions, services, etc. is provided. Visitors can register and, by becoming new members of the library’s community, acquire a LIBIS (Lithuanian Integral Information System of Libraries, ) Reader Certificate that is valid in all public libraries of Lithuania and their branches. Having this certificates unlocks a plethora of services, i.e. its carriers can borrow publications, gain access to the internet, use working and leisure spaces, participate in events, education activities and trainings, use e. services (E-Catalogue).

Lending Department

In this department, visitors can borrow and take home various scientific and fiction publications. As the library stocks are open, readers can select the publications they want independently. The staff assist in utilizing the catalogues and consult on different issues related to information search.

After borrowing, visitors can keep books for 30 calendar days. If a person needs a certain publication for longer, the period can be extended upon visiting the library or by calling +370 (445) 72130 or via e-mail [email protected].

The visitors can enjoy additional services offered by the library, i.e. borrow or return books in self-service units that require personal and book identification, etc.

Children’s Literature Centre

Here you can open the door to a world of children’s and young adults’ literature! In the centre, one can choose a book they like, read it in the library or take it home, explore magazines for children and young adults, explore dictionaries, encyclopedias, informational publications and get help or advice on how to find certain information or books from our staff.

Media centre

Our Media Centre is an amalgamation of the newest technological instruments used for facilitating communication and transferring as well as displaying information. Here you can use internet technologies, video and audio equipment for recording, reproducing and rendering images and sounds, also devices for copying, scanning, binding and laminating documents and files.

The centre has Wi-Fi, a public internet access point (PIAP) with 11 computerized working spaces for library visitors (1 of which is meant for people with disabilities) and 10 working spaces for people who bring their own computers or tablets.

In addition, the Media Centre organizes free-of-charge digital literacy trainings and consultations. Moreover, a staff member on board is there to assist anybody, who has problems working on a computer.

And that is not all – those who wish to listen to their favourite music can enjoy as many as 4 musical chairs!

Finally, if you need privacy and solitude, there are two closed spaces for individual work.

Local Heritage Research And Information Reading Room

This reading room is full of local heritage research materials and informational literature, reference works, encyclopedias, encyclopedic bilingual, multilingual dictionaries and glossaries, publications in statistics and other areas of information as well as scientific periodicals. The publications in the local heritage research and information reading room are valuable and very popular. The documents of the local heritage research stock can only by accessed in the reading room, visitors cannot take them home. The latter materials are the main source of information for the articles that are published in our electronic publications (The Directory of Kretinga’s Personalities and Kretinga Region Encyclopedia) as well as virtual exhibitions.

The documents that the library does not have can be accessed via interlibrary loans (ILL), i.e. borrowed from other Lithuanian libraries. All expenses of forwarding publications are paid by the readers that order them, pursuant to the Lithuanian postal tariffs in force. The documents received via ILL can only be accessed in the library.

Having chosen the Local Heritage Research and Information Reading Room for their studies or research, readers can either use the ordinary working spaces or book a closed space for individual work.

Here visitors can also access the data bases that are free-of-charge or subscribed by the library.

Periodical Reading Room

In this reading room, traditional communication and information means – newspapers and magazines – are compiled. Here users can choose freely from a variety of periodicals, i.e. magazines, national daily and weekly newspapers, local newspapers, publications of various public organizations. However, they are not allowed to take them home. Publications of the current year are stored in the open stock of the library.

Children Education Space

The purpose of this space is to provide children with possibilities to play, read and engage in creative activities individually or alongside friends, parents and teachers. For example, by joining the Little Owls (Pelėdžiukai) Book Club for Children, little book lovers can embark on book-related adventures. Those, who are eager to explore, discover, investigate and observe, can do so in Children’s Creative Study. Whereas the Smarty-Pants (Gudručiai) Corner provides kids, who love quizzes, crosswords and puzzles, with an opportunity to compete with one another. On the other hand, the Corner for Little Ones (Mažųjų) is a great place for moms to not only bring their toddlers but communicate amongst themselves as well.

Moreover, the library welcomes groups of school and kindergarten students or individual visitors from Kretinga district wishing to participate in various educational activities.

Youth Education Space

The library has an open space for young people, called A Space to Call Our Own (Savas kampas), the purpose of which is to organize creative and educational activities for the young people of Kretinga and provide them with a place to meet. It is a great space to spend one’s time in a meaningful way, find the means for self-realization and meet other 14-29 years old people with different interests and needs.

However, it is not simply a spot to meet with your friends, but also an ideal space to realize your ideas, promote and organize events, join various discussions, volunteer and acquire teamwork skills.

This space is equipped with many different board games and the newest technologies (i.e. an Xbox, different computer games and virtual reality headsets) that will help you experience the virtual word in interesting and diverse ways.

Furthermore, young people can participate in themed photo sessions and take photography courses.

In collaboration with educational, cultural and public organizations of Kretinga district, the library staff member assigned for working with young people implements various projects, organizes seminars, trainings and motivational meetings.

Event Venues

The library offers different event venues, which have been designed to satisfy all the needs of people who seek to organize professional, creative or leisure activities. Here, people can hold conferences, seminars, trainings, presentations, exhibitions and other events. The library’s Conference Hall and the Meeting Space is a perfect spot for any type of event – yours as well.

  • Conference Hall

The 142-square-metre Conference Hall, which can hold up to 156 people, is on the first floor. The hall is equipped with a ventilation system, natural and artificial lighting, all necessary conference devices and an interactive whiteboard.

The Conference Hall is a great place for conferences, seminars, various trainings or presentations.

  • Meeting Space

The 30-square-metre Meeting Space, which can hold up to 30 people, is on the second floor. It has an interactive whiteboard for presentations and 10 desks.

It is a great place for trainings, educational activities, discussions, small events, etc.

  • Spaces for Exhibitions

The exhibition space on the second floor provides creators with excellent possibilities to present their paintings, photographs, installations or other works of art. A 12-metre white wall is equipped with a comfortable hanging system and mobile lighting that helps to accentuate different pieces.

The library offers alternative photo exhibitions in two-sided A1 format frames, whose one side is visible from the outside of the first floor.

In addition, pieces of art, craft works, jewelry, etc. can be displayed in glass stands that have LED lighting.

  • Outdoors Spaces

In summer, some events are held in the spaces outside the library.

Book Drop Unit

A book drop unit provides readers with a possibility to return books to the library even when the latter is closed.

Electronic Services and Publications


Directory of Kretinga’s Personalities

Kretinga Region Encyclopedia

Region Heritage Guide (LT, DE, RU)

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